VibePay is an alternative payment solution built to offer your buyers or customers the option to seamlessly pay by bank and you or your business cost effective payments, instant settlement and high converting checkouts.

If you're only selling casually, find out how to get paid in this blog. If not, read on!

Is PayPal holding you back? 🛑

With PayPal, you pay (high) fees to accept payments where transaction funds are processed, managed and released at PayPal's discretion.

Limited access to funds? By default, PayPal holds your funds for 21 days, and in other circumstances for far longer. This held money technically still belongs to you, but you can't use it pay suppliers or staff or reinvest into your business.

Cost effective processing costs? PayPal charge a 2.9% + £0.30 fee for each transaction you receive; one of the most costly payment processing solutions available.

High chargeback costs? Chargebacks cost businesses in fees (£14 PayPal fee), lost goods/services and admin resources. Legitimate or fraudulent, many merchants are unable to successfully dispute claims due to burden or proof or high fees rendering the process uneconomical.

Restricted industry? Depending on frequently updated 'Accepable Use Policies', PayPal simply won't work with some legitimate businesses. PayPal is also able to simply decide a previously acceptable business is no longer acceptable to them.

Grow faster with VibePay 🚀

VibePay is a unified account-to-account payments solution; all you need to seamlessly accept bank payments from customers at checkout, via invoices, links or even QR codes.

There is no middleman holding your funds hostage or charging high fees, enabling your business to grow faster.

Acccount-to-account payments offer businesses cost effective payments, instant settlement, high converting checkouts and more. Here's how:

Instant Settlement
Account-to-account payments between your business and your customers happen in real time. That means as soon  a customer completes a payment, the transferred funds are immediately made available to the merchant.

Cost-effective Payments
By cutting out expensive e-wallet, credit and debit card schemes from the payment flow, account-to-account payments can provide more cost effective payment solutions.

Any industry
We're challenging the traditional status quo and actively support businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Eliminate chargebacks
Account-to-account payments securely authenticate and confirm transactions using customer banking apps and remove the chargeback mechanism for card issuers to reclaim money from merchant's banks.

Frictionless secure authentication
Customers authenticate transactions via their own bank's secure online banking apps in seconds, without the need for credit or debit cards. VibePay is connected to all major UK banks and authorised and regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

Is VibePay the right PayPal alternative for your business?

VibePay offers account-to-account payment solutions that empowers businesses to grow faster.

Through leveraging our Open Banking technology, your business can accept simply frictionless and cost-effective from customers.

If payment delays, high processing fees or restrictions are slowing your business down, it's time for an upgrade.