We're excited to announce the next step on our mission to make seamless account-to-account payments the default way to pay and get paid.

You'll now able to pay with VibePay in seconds at initial select sellers & retailers online - and watch this space for more.

VibePay Business enables SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) to activate instant account-to-account payments with their customers, see transactions easily in one place and access the important data behind their business finances.

Our new offering adds additional value by creating meaningful connections and experiences between businesses and digital-first customers, providing SMBs with a unique opportunity to engage with their audiences and drive sales, increase reach and conversion.

VibePay Business takes businesses to where their customers are, friction free, in app and at checkout. This continued evolution of payments is delivered through making Open Banking technology accessible to all SMBs and their customers.

The Dashboard:

  • Enables instant account to account payments
  • Removes the need for traditional cards and wallets
  • Has a simple-to-use, integrated interface to manage transactions; one off and recurring
  • Includes the ability to monitor orders, track payment statuses, create branded invoices and action instant refunds
  • Quick integrations with third party e-commerce platforms
  • Provides SMEs with unique transactional insights to drive business growth.

We had chat with our CEO, Luke Massie, about the launch of the VibePay Business Dashboard and the problems it solves for both customers and SMBs:

Luke Massie (our CEO): “In the past 12 months there has been a rapid acceleration of digital payments, a huge growth in social commerce, and a renewed focus from consumers in wanting to support SMBs and buy from people they know.  
"Our new dashboard enables SMBs to take advantage of this growth and pay and be paid by their customers easily and directly from account to account, removing the reliability on expensive card rails and wallet services.
“VibePay has been driving the adoption of Open Banking amongst consumers with its peer to peer app and is now available to SMBs.
"It is the best of Open Banking in action and we are supporting businesses in reaching their potential through the next wave of payment innovation - creating meaningful connections between consumers and businesses through our technology.
Ultimately it means that SMBs will be able to focus on achieving their ambitions and growing their business, not managing payments.”

We're making the next evolution of payments a reality by bringing Open Banking technology into the day-to-day finances of consumers and businesses.

VibePay is on a mission to make easy, instant, account to account payments - without the need for cards or wallets - the default way to pay and get paid amongst friends, with businesses and at checkout. Get started today!