Are you a freelancer? VibePay for Business makes it simple for freelancers to get paid directly into their bank accounts - you don't even need a website.

Send clients branded invoices by email, share your business or QR code and receive bank payments instantly.


Why freelancers use VibePay for Business

  • Direct to bank. Receive payments directly into your bank account. Unlike card processors or e-wallets, we don't hold on to your money.

  • Instant funds. Access your funds seconds after your clients make payments with no settlement period.

  • Any industry. We process payments for a wide range of businesses from all sectors.

  • Simple setup. You can create a VibePay for Business account with just a few details and start receiving payments right away.


📧 Get paid through easy email invoices

Send your clients branded email invoices. Your customers can pay you directly from their bank accounts in seconds - no card details or e-wallet accounts required.

You can get paid standalone or recurring payments and keep track of everything on the sales dashboard.


Create a personalised and share it with customers via text, email, chat or social media - it's like a 'Pay now' button.

Clients can enter a payment amount, or you can request a specific amount, which you customers can pay instantly via their bank with VibePay (no account required).


📲 Get paid by QR code. Instantly.

Accept payments in person, directly into your bank account. Customers simply scan your VibePay QR code, enter any payment amount, and pay you via their bank.

Simply display your QR code on a mobile device, sign or item, and get paid - no card readers required.


📊 Keep track of everything

Stay of top of your clients, invoices and payments with a powerful simple-to-use sales dashboard.


Upgrade the way you get paid, today.

Whether you're an established freelancer or just starting out, VibePay can help you get paid faster, securely and more cost-effectively.

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