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The Vibe payments API

We process the payment

Our Payments API has all the features to power the payment requirements of your business. Encapsulating Checkout and Subscription functionality, all aligned to the Vibe ID, its the simple way to process payments without friction to increase transaction success and reduce fees.

FCA accredited

How it works

How it works

Initiate a payment

Send the payment details to VibePay and we contact the bank to initiate a payment.

Authorise payment

User authenticates at their bank and approves the transaction.

Monitor transaction

Check transaction progress with a simple API call.

Recieve money

Once the bank has completed the payment, you can access your funds.

Gathering Insights

You get the insights

Vibe provides your business with unique transactional insights around your customer. This allows you to improve your targeted marketing and understand your users better than anyone else!

Vibe can improve your percentage of active users by making passive users remain in your ecosystem.

Product Discovery

Our users discover you

Our huge community of socially engaged users within the Vibe ecosystem gives your business the ability to improve exposure. Every action that your user completes lives centrally in our app and appears in our social feeds.

The Vibe ID

Your user's Vibe ID

An online passport allowing your users to interact and transact within Vibe’s ecosystem.

Login to your product or service with VibePay

Link VibePay to frequently used products and services

Pay for your product or services with VibePay at checkout

Open Banking

Built on Open Banking

Vibe is taking advantage of open banking, combining data and payments to change the way people and businesses send and receive money. We give businesses the option to process both one off or subscription payments.

  • Bank agnostic

    We can serve any of your customers who currently have UK bank accounts.

  • Direct to bank

    Customers pay for goods and services directly from their bank accounts into yours

  • Instant settlement

    Immediate settlement provides you with faster access to your funds

  • Low cost

    We aim to beat any open banking competitor on cost.

  • Bank level security

    Your customers can rely on the security of their own bank when paying through our API.

  • Simple integration

    Start receiving payments immediately! Integrate our API with just a few lines of code.

Open Banking isn’t just a new way to pay, it’s part of the next generation in digital payments.


The Vibe ecosystem

What does it cost?

What does it cost?


To get you started


Test to see if it's right for you

  • Access to our sandbox
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Pay as you go plan


Per transaction

  • Reporting dashboard
  • Integration and technical support
  • All the benefits of open banking
  • No need to be regulated
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Learn more about your users


Contact us for a quote

  • Reporting dashboard
  • Unique transactional insights
  • All you can eat payments
  • Integration with the VibePay app
  • Integration and technical support
  • Dedicated account manager
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