VibePay is looking for Twitch streamers in the UK! Do you think your viewers could be a good fit for our app?

VibePay is a social payments app which lets you request money from friends and get paid directly into your bank account - for free. We're on a mission to make sharing fiddly sort codes, account numbers and awkwardly chasing your friends-of-friends for money a thing of the past!


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We want tech savvy, finance conscious, 16-35 year olds in the UK to know all about the launch of our new app.

We pay streamers to connect their viewers to VibePay - and we give cash rewards to your viewers for getting started on VibePay too 💸

From referral rewards to sponsored giveaways and competitions, we've successfully partnered with streamers big and small, contemplative and boisterous - whatever the vibe of your stream might be.

Sound like your channel might be a good fit?

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